Syed Saleem Gilani is the author of the book Bilal Urdu Book. The book contains the biography of Hazrat Bilal R.A. He was the companion of the Prophet of Islam. Hazrat Bilal was enslaved and belonged to Habsha. He embraced Islam in Makkah. When the Holy Prophet decided to go to Madinah, Hazrat Bilal came to Madinah with the other refugees.

Hazrat Bilal faced many hardships and cruelty of Quraish in the way of Allah. Umayyah Bin Khalaf, his master, beat him cruelly and told him to leave Islam. Hazrat Bilal refused to reply every time. At last, the Holy Prophet arranged the money for the independence of Bilal. Syed Saleem Gilani told the whole story of Hazrat Syedna Bilal’s life in the Bilal Urdu Book.

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