Talib Hashmi is the author of the book Chalees Jaanisar Sahaba Pdf. Talib Hashmi is a well-known scholar of Islam. He liked to write about Islamic history and personalities. He was the author of many quality books regarding his subject. The people appreciated his work by reading his books.

Talib Hashmi has a simple writing style. His writing was impressive and heart-touching. The people of both Fiqh Sunni and Shia loved his books very much. Talib Hashmi discussed the conflicted and controversial issues in a scholarly style. He quoted authoritative references and showed the real pictures to the readers.

The book Chalees Jaanisar Sahaba pdf is about the life history and character of the companions of the Prophet of Islam. The famous companions of the Prophet are part of the book. I hope you will like the book Khair Ul Bashar Kay Chalees Jaanisar Sahaba Pdf and share it with your friends.

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