Halat-e-Hazira Aur Maseeh Dajjal book is available here for free download and read online. This book is actually the Urdu translation of Dr. Abdullah Bin Ahmed’s popular book “Alfitna tul Uzma”. Misbah Akram has translated Alfitna tul Uzma Arabic book into the Urdu language and named its as Halat-e-Hazira Aur Maseeh Dajjal which means The Current Affairs and the Anti-Christ. The author Professor Abdullah Bin Ahmed is an Arab Islamic scholar from Taif, Saudi Arabia.

Halat-e-Hazira Aur Maseeh Dajjal book is all about the Dajjal and the events before him. The author has also narrated about the Imam-e-Mehdi A.S, his generosity, caliphate and justice and Adal. This is a detailed Urdu book about Imam-e-Mehdi, wars of end times and the devil Dajjal. All the events and stories are written in the light of current affairs and Islam. This is a must read Urdu Islamic book that every Muslim should read it.

Halat-e-Hazira Aur Maseeh Dajjal by Abdullah Bin Ahmed is here in compressed Pdf file. You can free download and read online this Urdu Book from the table below the following sample pages.
Contents/Sample Pages of the Urdu Book “Halat-e-Hazira Aur Maseeh Dajjal” By Dr. Abdullah Bin Ahmed Attaifi


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