Download free PDF copy Urdu Hikmat book of Haziq written by Hakeem Ajmal Khan. Best and golden herbal or Hikmat book never introduce any person. Now, this is a new edition add more tips (Nuskhay) and treatments for important diseases. Mr. Hakeem Ajmal Khan who is a famous Hakeem Expert of Herbal formulas or a Doctor of Herbs. There is a considerable measure of stores of Haziq Herbal solutions in Pakistan. In this Haziq Urdu herbs book, Hakeem Ajmal Khan has composed the homegrown formulas of various ailments. Published by Sheikh Muhammad Bashir and Sons Kutub chock Urdu Bazar Lahore. This book as long as 449 pages and pdf file size 8.5 MB only. Read in this book read different types of human diseases like children and Women diseases, Skin hair diseases etc, read complete book download pdf file from the end of the post. You can also read Hikmat books in Urdu Mardana Jinsi Amraz aur Ilaj and Hukama e Qadim Ka Falsafa e Akhlaq. Free download all types of books like Natural Remedies, Home Remedies, Healthy Tips, Health Remedies and etc from this blog.


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