To further this goal, the author Ali Shirazi has composed his book “Sano Tum Satare Ho”. I hope that after reading this book, those who yearn for success will light the lamp of hope from despair. Embrace your journey to success with lessons of faith, determination, and persistence. Make failure a stepping stone to success. Repeat the process of self-accountability to remove unnecessary burdens from your shoulders.

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    They will embark on a journey of self-realization. They will determine their direction from the purpose of life. Positive By thinking and choosing your health, you will adopt a successful lifestyle. Success is a beautiful feeling and the best measure of life.

People become unemployed only because they don’t know the true meaning of success. Those who think of wealth and fame as their success, after winning this race and accumulating wealth, when they look inside themselves, find a deep sense of failure. In order to correct this feeling of inaction,

Shirazi Sahib has beautifully described the process of achieving success in his book “Sano Tum Satare Ho” which can be adopted by everyone. The original meaning of the word Miyabi, which is derived from Kar, is to get one’s work done Listen, you are the stars Takes means to search for one’s work according to one’s abilities and to continue searching for one’s goal. Success is not the name of reaching a certain place and standing there, but the name of adopting the best way of life and continuing on this journey.

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I pray that Allah accepts the hard work and efforts of Ali Shirazi Sahib to make others the stars of the sky and keep them on the bright paths of success. Let them keep their efforts safe and make them successful in this great cause. Amen! Qasim Ali Shah (Teacher. Trains)

Zaheer Abbas سنو تم ستارے ہو
Listen! You are the star of Ali Shirazi’s failure to the common people Best effort Brings out from the darkness and heralds a successful life. This book is a light for all those people who are lost somewhere in the darkness of Juna Kamiya.

This book is a hope. It is a promise of a new and successful life for those who have settled on a failed life, away from their purpose. It teaches people to dream big while instilling in them the desire to succeed to make those dreams come true. Each chapter of this book provides its readers with the best guidance for a successful life.


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